DredgeWire’s Exclusive Interview with Adriano Fernandes, Regional Director of IHC Americas


Adriano Fernandes

IHC Americas is headquartered in Houston, TX and is a subsidiary of Royal IHC, The Netherlands

DredgeWire: Adriano, could you provide us with a brief summary of IHC Americas and yourself?

Adriano/IHCA: IHC Americas is the combination between a US based subsidiary of Royal IHC, Netherlands and many business and partnerships in the Latin America countries of Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia. Within the past five years, IHC’s business has been growing in an exponential way in the region supported by a strategy to develop an optimum solutions package in close coordination with our local customers. Most of our portfolio of projects are related to dredging, oil and gas and mining markets, offering high end equipment, services and solutions to help them achieve their end business goals.


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