BPS Agriculture Seats Strategic Advisory Board


SOUTHLAKE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BPS Agriculture, a diversified agriculture holding company, has appointed their Strategic Advisory Board. Dr. Alan Gould, an accomplished veteran in agricultural biotechnology, Alex Prohodski, an independent consultant who serves on the Boards of Directors at Profile Products LLC and BFG Supply Company, and Dr. Robert Geiger, Vice President of Product Development for BPS JET, have accepted appointments. The Strategic Advisory Board will counsel the BPS Agriculture management team, whose portfolio of companies utilize OpusMAX, a proprietary supramolecular host chemistry, to enhance products in multiple agricultural segments.

“Forming our initial Strategic Advisory Board is an important milestone for BPS Agriculture,” said John Appel, President of BPS Agriculture. “These individuals bring tremendous leadership experience, industry expertise, and a critical mix of scientific and commercial skillsets to our team.”

Dr. Gould has spent more than four decades with Dow AgriSciences, RiceTec, United AgriSeeds, and Verdant Partners. He has deep expertise in plant genetics and holds a Ph.D. in Plant Cellular and Molecular Genetics from the University of Leicester and has served on multiple Boards of Directors and Scientific Advisory Boards.

Mr. Prohodski served in the horticulture industry for more than 30 years, including in senior management roles at Syngenta and its legacy companies, in roles spanning business operations, strategic planning, and business development. He applies his experience with breeding, production, retail and consumer to his consultancy endeavors and work on Boards of Directors.

Dr. Geiger holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Kansas and oversees product innovation and development at BPS JET. He brings deep understanding of chemistry and expertise in product development from years of experience at Oak Ridge National Lab, Nalco Champion, and Compass Minerals. He has authored multiple patents in oil and gas and agriculture industries.

“The strategic advice from these industry experts will be very valuable in product development, taking our solutions to partners and ultimately growers, and everything in between,” said Appel. “I’m excited to begin collaborating with this group as we enter this next phase of growth in our businesses.”

The cadre will provide guidance for BPS Agriculture’s portfolio of companies. Verano365 is a startup horticulture-focused company founded in 2019 that introduced two products to the market in 2020 for greenhouse growers and controlled environment agriculture: Thrivedo and Nutrivix Zn|Cu. Farm Shield launched in June 2020 to address needs of crop protection companies. Farm Shield can broadly improve crop protection product performance and lower use rates, leading to an eco-friendly solution to safeguard crops globally. A third entity is set to emerge from stealth in the coming months that will enhance nutrient management for field crops.

The company’s innovations are driven by OpusMAX, which acts as a carrier by forming supramolecular structures with active ingredients. This blend enhances the efficacy of active ingredients and results in a higher performing, more efficient solution for agricultural inputs.

About BPS Agriculture

BPS Agriculture is a diversified agricultural holding company with a portfolio consisting of Verano365™, Farm Shield™, and a third entity coming in 2020. The company utilizes their proprietary technology, OpusMAX, to create unique products across a number of market segments, including horticulture, broadacre crops, crop protection, and others. Learn more at bpsagriculture.com.

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